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Hadith Qudsi

Sustenance – Rizq – Hadith Qudsi – Sheikh Mohammed Metwaly ESha’rawy

Servant May 02

 Hadith Qudsi, about sustenance ” Allah almighty said ” O son of Adam do not be afraid of any power or sovereignty as long as My Sovereignty remains and My sovereignty never ceases.

O son of Adam don’t fear tightened sustenance as long as My storehouses are full and my storehouse are never empty.

O son of Adam , I created you to worship Me so don’t play. I have already set your share of substance ” in this world” so don’t make your selfs tired.

“Allah means don’t trie your heart but your limbs must keep working and put your trust in Allah “

I swear by My Glory and Might , if you are pleased with what I have allocated for you I will bring comfort to your heart and body and you will praised by Me.

On the other hand , if you are not content with what I have allocated for you. I swear with My Glory and Might I will set the world loose on you where you will run just like Animals run in the wild and you will still not get more than what I originally allocated for you.

O son of Adam I created the Seven Heavens and the Earth effortlessly, so would it trouble Me to simply send a bread of loaf your way? .

O son of Adam, don’t ask me for tomorrow’s sustenance just like I have not asked you for tomorrow’s deeds , O son of Adam I LOVE YOU so by my right over you , LOVE ME “.


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